Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thoughts On Ending

I picked up my boys from school yesterday right after I got home from the airport.  This was the first time I picked them up with no more tours looming on the horizon.  It was a moment I hadn't expected or prepared for.  They were expecting Mom to pick them up so it was a great surprise that was immediately obvious on both of their faces.  I think it was Bram telling me that he missed me that snapped everything into focus though.  He got me choked up yet again.  There's been a lot of that lately!  I can pick these guys up nearly every day now if that's what we want to do. Extended away times are done!

For how great that is I still found myself, just a couple of days ago, suddenly weeping because of this ending.  Although parts of this job have been so very difficult, we have endured so much together that it makes it difficult to finally stop.  The drive that has kept me pushing through all the tough times has an incredible amount of momentum behind it.  But here we are.  It has stopped.  Everything eventually does.  We loaded the trailer for the last time, slept on the bus for the last time and set up all our gear for the last time.  I've been marking so many of these "last times" I've lost track.  Now it is time to enter the next season and there is so much to look forward to yet again.

I have shared an incredible 12 years with some of the most talented people I know. Jason, Marc and Jeremy, we have made a great team over the years and it has been a privilege to share the stage and to share life with each of you!  My life has been enriched and will continue to be by your friendship.  I sure hope we have another album in us when the dust settles!

A good chunk of those 12 years was also spent with Dave and Jessica Lewis and Wesley Morris.  I sure have missed all of you since you have left this circus but I'll always think of you when I think of the road.  You are some the dearest friends I have!

And to those of you who have listened to our music, come to shows, bought the t-shirt, hosted us in your home, shuttled us around, promoted shows, told your friends about us, etc... A HUGE thank you! It is because of you we were able to record as many albums as we did and stay on the road as long as we did.  But the biggest thank you needs to go to our wives.  If you are a fan of Downhere then by default you are a fan of the ladies who have supported their husbands throughout this whole process.  Words will never truly describe the thankfulness and awe I have for these ladies and what they have endured to keep the music coming.  Thank you girls and much love to all of you!

And now;
A new day, a new dream, a new life
This is only the beginning



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