Thursday, July 27, 2006

Take advantage of what you've been given.

Many of you will know that over the past few years I have become a runner, thanks to some friends and fellow bloggers. (Ethos, This Guy Falls Down, Normal Rockstar) I’ve even been able to complete a marathon! My sister (running blog and normal blog) tells me all this running inspired her to start running too and now we are planning on running the Toronto Marathon together in October. How cool is that?

Over the weekend we were able to run our 20 mile training run together. It was a great run! We finished it in 3 hours and 20 something minutes. Way to go Krista!! It was the longest run she’s ever done, and doing it in that time is awesome.

Being healthy enough to put on some shoes and go out for a run is such a huge blessing. It got me thinking about how many people waste their perfectly good health. If we believe that everything we have is a gift from God then why would we squander it? I guess it just happens eventually. Maybe not enough focus or direct thought. I don’t know. I know I squander my brain often. I know I also squander time that I could be using to improve my relationship with God. What a waste!!

But if we have the ability to go out for a walk or play tennis or golf or swim or run then spending our nights at home in front of the tube (TV or computer) just doesn’t seem right.

I know that when I give a gift to someone and I see him or her using it, it makes me happy. Imagine the confusion you would have if you gave someone a nice new car but they rarely used it. On top of that they never washed it or got the oil changed. I’d be left scratching my head.

I don’t suppose God is scratching His head as His understanding is way beyond ours but at the same time not using our gifts can’t be all that pleasing to Him.

All that said, we all have many gifts; things like family, friends, good health, an income, a church, a pet, and different abilities like reading, writing, playing music, playing a sport, leading some social activity. We have much to be thankful for. Please don’t let opportunities to take advantage of your gifts pass you by.



Thursday, July 20, 2006

Organic Food

It's true, Blogger. I have not been here for many days and I'm sorry. I really do miss you too but there are times in one's life where new friends take up more time than old ones and I'm afraid you have become an old friend. I hope that we can hang out more in the future like we used to. But for now I need to spend more time with some of my other friends like myspace and downhere website and family and trying to make a living in music. They just demand more of my time right now. But for today, let's spend a little time together.

My wife and son gave me a subscription to Runner's World Magazine for Father's Day and I really enjoy it. There was a really helpful article in this months issue about organic food that I wanted to share part of.

I have always wondered about what the real big deal is with organic food. I know organic farming is supposed to be better for the Earth and organic food is supposed to be better for my body. I guess that should be enough to convince me. The hard part is the price. OUCH! So Runner's World created a list of organic foods that are worth spending money on and a list that you don't need to worry about quite so much. Enjoy!

"Spend Wisely
These 12 fruits and vegetables contain the highest levels of pesticides; buy organic to reduce your exposure.

Bell Peppers
Imported Grapes

Also buy organic meats, poultry, eggs and dairy to limit your exposure to antibiotics and growth hormones.

Don't Worry (As Much)
The pesticide levels of these 12 fruits and vegetables are low to undetectable; okay to buy conventional.

Sweet Corn
Sweet peas

Choose organic breads, pastas, cereals and other processed foods when cost and availability allow it."



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