Friday, September 23, 2011

Marc Martel's Queen Audition

I've been seeing so many questions since all of this has blown up.  As of this point the views just passed 1 million.  How are you feeling about all of this?  Does this mean Downhere is done?  What's going to happen to your upcoming tour dates?

When Marc sent me the link to this contest I replied with "Tell me you are doing this!"  So I am totally supportive of this whole adventure.  After spending the last 10+ years together, 9 of those in a 15 passenger van, we all know each other quite well.  Any success that one of us has is shared by all of us.   So many of us have known Marc was capable of this for such a long time, it was just a question of when an opportunity like this would come along.  

As for what happens next . . . God only knows.  Downhere has no intentions of stopping.  In fact, our Called To Love tour is about to kick off on October 1st.  We're touring with our good friends Jason Gray and Aaron Shust which will be a blast.  Then we're pretty booked up till after New Year's so we're about to head into a busy season.  Likely a busier season than we originally anticipated but it should be fun!   Time to hold on!



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