Monday, September 22, 2008

Ending Is Beginning Releases!

Well the day has come. Tuesday the 23rd marks the release of our fourth studio album and we'll be spending the morning on KLOVE with John and Sherry Rivers. KLOVE is one of the largest Christian Radio networks in America so we are thrilled to be spending release day on their morning show. If you want to tune in go here.

And don't forget to go out today and pick up a copy of the new album, Ending Is Beginning. The more that sell during the first week the more the stores will continue to carry and hopefully the more will continue to sell!!

By the way, check out this great review from a fairly critical reviewer at


Friday, September 12, 2008

Update On The Boys

I just love that I can say "the boys" now for some reason. Funny.

Little Bram is doing great. He's gaining weight like crazy and is so pleasant. It's been fun being able to use some of the infant clothing that Jonah had once again. I thought I better get this onesy on him before he ran out of time. This was a gift from my friend Brian in Chicago. It was originally meant for Jonah but hey why not spread the love!

(In case you are wondering I'm not much of a Cubs fan at all but I think it looks cute on him for sure.)

And in other news, Jonah started Junior Kindergarten yesterday. Today was day two and he really seems to enjoy it. So far both days after school, by about supper time, Jonah is mister chatty. Well he's always mister chatty but this is even more than usual. Here's a pic of him with his back pack on just leaving the house.



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