Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Update on life!

Well I've been away from my own bed now for almost a month and will be back home on Friday! Pretty crazy when I realize how long I've been gone.

I've spent most of the month working on recording new songs for our album. We're all pretty excited about how well things are turning out. The interesting thing about this project is that we have three different producers. Us, Mark Heimermann and Greg Collins. Greg comes from the mainstream world of recording, Mark from the Christian world and us . . . well this is the first time we've fully produced anything on our own so we'll see. So with all those different producers and us being the same band I can't wait to hear final mixes from everyone to see the differences.

My schedule for the next couple of weeks is a little ridiculous. We'll be flying home on Friday which I'm sure will be crazy but I think that could make it kind of fun. Hopefully the weather at home will be fine. I’m home for three days then off to the other side of Toronto to be with my wife’s family for about three days. Then I fly to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl and a New Year’s Eve gig. Then things get a little dicey. I either go to Nashville and record one day then fly home or I fly home from Atlanta then come back to Nashville a week later to record.

Good thing my family has been with me for the last two and a half weeks!

Sorry for the blog neglect lately. There are quite a few things that come before my blog but with some travelling time coming up where I’m on my own, hopefully I can get back into the groove!

Merry Christmas!!



Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sharing Dreams

First of all, welcome to my new blog page again! Thanks to Darcy’s Mama and Kathryn for keeping up some great conversation in the comments. Check out the comments on the last entry to see what I’m talking about.

A while ago my wife Sherri blogged about something we call a do-over. It’s a technique we sometimes use to start a conversation all over again and clear things up. It can be pretty effective in preventing a melt down in communication between spouses. If you have an extra minute check it out.

Well, today I want to tell you about another one of our little “techniques” for keeping a fun marriage. Every once in a while I have some pretty crazy dreams just like pretty much everyone who is reading this. Sometimes they are even wacky enough that I just have to share them.

Sharing dreams is weird business though. I mean, it’s not like it really happened, none of the story is true. In fact, most times I can’t even remember the correct details. Well, I guess it’s true that it happened in my mind but is there really any point in sharing it? On a 10-hour drive, sharing weird dreams can be quite entertaining but we might as well just be making up stories and telling them to each other. For all I know that is what happens!

So anyway, our rule now is we can only share our dream if the spouse is in it. This turns out to be quite fun. The dream telling most often starts off by me explaining the dream as “it happened” then I remember, or am reminded, that Sherri needs to be in the dream too. So I weave her into the story and it always has to end in some “romantic” way. Kind of like this: Sherri is about to fall off the roof of a tall building and land in a giant can of tomato soup that has dragons swimming in it, when suddenly I jump 20 feet off the ground and catch her in mid air then magically teleport us both into a private airplane. While on the airplane Sherri gets a pedicure and a manicure while I’m giving her a massage. Eventually we land on a private tropical resort island where we have a full week to be together alone.

Weird eh?

In the interest of avoiding stagnation in life and in marriage I think this idea works out great! If nothing else we usually get a laugh out of it.




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