Thursday, October 13, 2005

ipod, itunes and downloading TV

Well the day has arrived! Of course it was Apple that it made it happen. I’m telling you, those guys have a direct feed from my brain and know how to create everything I want. As my friend’s young nephew said while opening birthday gifts “I didn’t even know I wanted that.” That’s how I feel every time a new Apple product is released.

So yes of course I want an ipod but I just haven’t got one yet and like anything else as soon as you get one they release a new one. Well the new one they just announced is groundbreaking. Well maybe it’s not the ipod that is groundbreaking but the technology that feeds it, namely itunes. The fact that the new ipod plays video has caused Apple to create the relationships to make it possible to buy TV shows and music videos and even some short films through itunes. You can buy an episode of Lost for $2!! That is crazy! I’m guessing that movies should be able to be bought online shortly now that the infrastructure is there. It’s too bad that the downloading lesson had to be learned the hard way by both the music industry and the film industry. Even with just a little bit of vision for the future I think we can all see that this will change the future of television and movies.

In keeping with Apple’s ability to tap into my brain they had Wynton Marsalis play at the end of Steve Job’s last keynote address where he announced all of this new stuff. If you don’t want to watch the whole address (1hr35m) skip to the last quarter of it to catch Wynton. He just keeps getting better. I didn’t think it was possible. He creates some sounds from his trumpet that I have never heard before.




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