Friday, August 04, 2006

A New Friend, An Amazing Story

My posts seem to be on a theme right now. Talking about the gifts we have been given my next couple of posts are going to fit in quite well.

I’ve had an interesting and unusual experience over the past couple of days. About three or four days ago I finished a book called Sea Of Heartbreak. This book is an account of a fishing voyage that took place in Newfoundland Canada in 1998. Because of my family connections with Newfoundland, (birthplace of my wife and Mother) it has always been a place I’ve been interested in. There is something romantic about the ruggedness and barrenness of the land and sea there. And of course the people there are some of the most enjoyable people to spend time with anywhere.

So I picked up this book because it had a forward by Farley Mowat. Farley Mowat is a well known Canadian writer who has written many books. I’ve only read a couple and wanted to find another one by him to read. In fact, I only picked up Sea Of Heartbreak because it showed up when I searched Farley’s name! It looked interesting enough so I brought it home.

I started reading it on my way down to West Palm Beach, Florida where the band was going to be playing for a week. One night I was awake between 1:30am and 5:00am reading until I finished it off! I’ve always been interested in life at sea but this was not the romantic story of a fisherman at sea that I have always conjured up in my mind. When I finished the book at 5:00am that morning I decided I needed to contact the author to get some resolution to what I had just read. After all, this was a true account.

I was unable to find any contact information on the book which didn’t surprise me but there’s the good old handy dandy internet to help one find whatever it is they need. So I searched and searched, but still no email address for him. Finally I decided to just look him up in the city where he lives, that was on the book after all. Sure enough I found his name and phone number and without hesitation I made the call to Newfoundland.

Within a couple of rings he answered the phone. I was a little surprised how quick it all happened. What was I doing calling the author of a book I had just read? I’ve never done that before. I nervously explained to him that I just finished his book and that I wasn’t a stalker but I just wanted some resolution to the book. We had a great conversation that lasted about twenty minutes. I feel like we made some sort of connection with each other during that time. We exchanged email addresses and later that night and the next day sent a couple of emails back and forth.

Michael has an amazing story. It is full of beauty and harshness and recklessness and ignorance. It is one you need to know about, one that everyone needs to know about. I want to tell you more but this entry may already be too long so until my next post . . .



Krista Lavender 8/04/2006 11:02 AM  

That is fantastic! You're so fearless! :)

I want to get this book for the weekend, but it looks like Chapters hasn't got any in stock. Oh well - I will seek it out though. I love that you were moved enough to actually phone the author - and that he didn't hang up on you and block your phone number! ;-)P Can't wait to hear more!

Kathryn 8/04/2006 5:34 PM  

that's SO cool!!! The book sounds great -- nothing like a sea tale, especially if it's true. Good for you phoning the author!

Alexis 8/06/2006 9:31 AM  

ok so I am not a reader but you have me interested. Did you buy the book or just take it out on loan.

Well Glenn I think net to my cousin who is an English Proff at Western I think you are the only person who I kno would have the courage to call the author. Way to go.

Maybe someday when you go to Newfoundland you will meet him.

Denise 8/08/2006 10:31 AM  

That's courage!
Reminds me of a time in Corner Brook when I was baking a cake, made homemade icing and it curdled(the icing, not the cake)so I looked at the lady's name in the United Church cookbook, found her in the phone book and gave her a call. Instantly she knew what I had done wrong with the was amazing!

This is definitely a book I'm interested in reading.


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