Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It’s pretty cool how God seems to teach me in seasons. The season previous to this one God was really teaching me a lot about how selfish I am. It wasn’t like, I’m such a bad person because I’m so selfish or anything like that. It wasn’t condemning. It was in the small things that I would notice I was being selfish. I think the Holy Spirit urges our thoughts towards these things to teach us more about God’s character, which brings us closer to Him.

The season I am currently in and have been in for months now is one of thankfulness. So when I was listening to a sermon by John Ortberg recently, one part really stood out to me and I’d like you to hear it. Just click on the link below to listen.

John Ortberg - The Good News

That gave me tears! What an incredible gift we have from God. John has such a clear concise witty way of speaking. If you want to hear the rest you can find it here. Or you can just subscribe to the church’s podcast by going here or by searching MPPC Sermon-Cast on itunes..



Kathryn 11/01/2006 9:45 PM  

i really enjoyed that AND I felt it was great AND AND AND i loved it!!! lol!

seriously, wow! I love to 'practice' gratitude in my daily life. .not just a general, fuzzy, broad-based gratitude, but a specific gratefulness to God and in all my conversing with Jesus. . i don't think He would ever get tired of me telling him how grateful I am for all that he's done and for who he is!! I tell him that I'm proud of him for going through all that suffering on the cross, I tell him that i love him for his great heart of love. . i tell him that i cannot live without him.. for i can't. . he is what keeps me from being dark hearted and self serving. . he is the difference that i can feel and see in my own living. . and even though i struggle and very often mess up and take him for granted and get wrapped up in myself and act badly. . he is patient and forgives my mistakes and never gives up on me. These are just a few reasons i am grateful to be loved by him.

Nusha,  11/03/2006 10:34 PM  

This post isn't necessarily related to your last blog, but Glenn, you seem to be quite the reader; and I'm certain people pass along book recommendations all the time. But, I'd like to recommend yet another - Have you heard about, or read the book "Grace Walk" by Steve McVey? It's a fairly short read. It's one of those gems - a gem of truth - shining in a very confused world.

Anonymous,  11/06/2006 11:23 PM  

good message, thanks for the link!
p.s. congrats on the covenants!! Jon and I were sorry we couldn't be there... maybe next time!


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