Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some Good News!

We received some great news today for my band downhere. First we found out that our song "A Better Way" has reached the number 1 spot on the K-LOVE radio network. This is pretty huge as K-LOVE is the biggest Christian radio network in the U.S. It's pretty crazy too considering A Better Way was released to radio way back on March 17 of 2006.

Then later on this evening we found out that we have been nominated for a Juno for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the year. Pretty awesome!! We even will get to be at the awards this year. They are in Saskatoon and will be hosted by Canadian artist Nelly Furtado.

And this all comes just before we get to "work" on a cruise which will be followed by a UK tour. Sometimes timing is pretty good.

All that said here's an interesting letter/article written by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, called Thoughts On Music. He talks about the business of selling music online and how he thinks it would make more sense for the record companies to not enforce digital protection on downloaded music. He makes a good case. If you are interested in music or business I think you will enjoy.


Krista Lavender 2/07/2007 11:20 AM  


That's great bro! You guys deserve the recognition! :)

Good Luck!

Sarah Potts 2/07/2007 11:37 AM  


Congrats!!!!!!! That'a awesome news!!!! And then, you got a JUNO award nomination!!!! :)

How exciting! :)

I'm praying for you, Sherri, and Jonah :) I really hope everything works out for you all!

Much love,

Fred 2/07/2007 3:22 PM  

Congratulations Glenn. I hear you are off on a cruise soon too! Oh the life of a famous musician. Remember us little people.

Kathryn 2/07/2007 5:59 PM  

wow, things are pretty fantastic for you all lately!!!! yay!!!! We're really happy for you.

Darcy's Mama 2/08/2007 9:19 AM  

Congratulations! That's really exciting news.

Have a great time on the cruise.


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