Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Politics For Normal People

So one of the books I've recently finished is called "In, Not Of" by Hugh Hewitt. It is a "Guide to Christian Ambition and the Desire to Influence the World". There is the obvious question, "Should a Christian be seeking to influence the world?" I wondered the same thing which is why I wanted to read it. One quote convinced me of at least one area that I need to try to be influential . . . or at least knowledgeable.
"If inviting nonbelievers to worship matters, then so does preserving the freedom to worship. If ministering to the needs of the poor is a mandate, then changing the policies creating poverty is very much within that mandate. And if building shelter in developing countries is part and parcel of a Christians burden, so is the destruction of the power of tyrants who oppress peoples around the globe."
Yes, yes and yes. So now what? At least I voted this last election. Until then I hadn't even been voting! Man does that make me feel like an idiot! The good thing is I'm human and I can change.
I don't know anything about politics. Really. I don't really know or understand the ins and outs of Canadian politics or American politics. Now it's time to avoid my personal political stagnation! So I stopped at my local Member of Parliament's office to get some literature on how the Canadian system operates. This will be the first step in stimulating my political brain activity. Hopefully after getting a bit of a handle on how things operate I can figure out what to do next.




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