Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Welcome To My Blog

So here it is. My very own blog. I've kinda felt against blogging for a little while. It all seems so self centered. Maybe that's why I'm finally writing my own. I guess I really am writing it for me. What put me over the edge in deciding to start a blog was that I can use it as a tool to learn. I don't feel like I have a lot of wisdom or advice to share so this won't be one of those types of blogs. I do want to be influential but not in the way of imparting knowledge to people that I don't have. It will be more of a "This is what I just figured out today!" type of blog. I prefer to ask questions and talk about what I've been reading or learning about with hopes that someone else might read this and respond and make us all more knowledable in the end. I'm tired of seeing people stagnate and basically go on auto pilot. I know that knowledge isn't the answer but sitting in front of the TV and keeping the same routine for years is definitely part of the problem. So in an effort to avoid stagnation and promote brain activity I invite you to check out this blog as often as you like and leave your comments. Game on! GL



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