Wednesday, May 04, 2005

On Blogging . . .

So my buddy Normal Rockstar started a blog and I thought it was a waste of time. I made fun of him and gave him a hard time about it. Then I eventually started my own! He convinced me of the merits of blogging. What can I say, he’s persuasive. OK, not really, he just let me figure it out on my own with a little bit of leading.

Anyway, the purpose of today’s blog is to explain how blogging became a bad thing for me recently. It was one of the things I was afraid of.

I have an 11 month old son who keeps my wife and I pretty busy. We love him very much but do miss the time we used to have together before he was born. So when he goes to bed sometime around 7:00 it’s Sherri and Glenn time. We look forward to spending time together then. Either playing a game, or reading, or if it’s Monday night watching 24, or doing some of the other things you do when you are married and your children are asleep. One night a few weeks ago while Sherri was putting Jonah to sleep I decided I would start working on my blog until Jonah was in bed. I guess Jonah went to sleep and Sherri knew I was working on my blog so she thought while I was working on my blog she’d quickly do hers too. So I finished my blog and saw that Sherri was working on hers so I started working on something else and . . . well eventually it’s like 9:30 and Sherri has to get Jonah’s food ready for the next day and shower and get to bed since we always have an early wake up. I think What Not To Wear must have been on or something because we got distracted by that darn TV and watched it till 10 then Sherri still had all that stuff to do.

Anyway, we got in bed just after 10:30, mad that we had spent the night on our computers and watching TV when we could have been spending it together. I think we both said that would be our last blog. But it wasn’t. Lucky for you, the reader, I travel a ton so I’ve got time to sit and write as does Sherri while I’m gone. However, this does mean that when I’m home, which I will be quite a bit in May, that the blogs may not be quite as regular so please forgive me but my marriage is way more important!




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