Saturday, May 07, 2005

Watching Sports is a Waste of Time

I was out for a run today and got thinking about the NHL strike since I had just read an article on it on As sad as I am that there was no hockey this season I think I may have been better off for it. All of those Saturday nights I would have just spent sitting in front of the TV, not playing with my son, or giving my wife any attention, or really stimulating my brain for that matter. In fact, I bet relationships between husband and wife and boyfriend and girlfriend throughout Canada were a little healthier this year.

There is the camaraderie you get from watching sports that other people are into, but I feel like that’s not an issue after experiencing life in Nashville for three years not being a football fan. (Man is that sport boring!) There was some lost camaraderie that made me think I should watch some football but it really wasn’t a big deal at all. You can be friends with people who are addicted to sports that don’t interest you. You just need to be a patient person.

I guess it’s all in how you want to kill your time. Everybody is allowed to waste some time in their life if they want but I’m trying to lean towards making the most of all my time. That doesn’t mean that I’m this studious guy who is always reading or learning or exercising or practicing or having deep discussions with people, in fact, I feel like I’m the opposite, which is why I probably lean so heavily the other way. As I get older and now have a son, I realize how important time is and how much of it I’ve already wasted.

All that said, if the NHL and NHLPA can get their act together and stop screwing up the sport of hockey, I’m sure I’ll watch my beloved Leafs next season and force my one-year-old son to become a fan of the greatest hockey team in the world!



Anonymous,  12/07/2009 12:19 AM  

Nicely put.


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