Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Some Suggestions

I added a couple of new photos of my boy over there on the left. He’s already 13 months old!! I can’t believe it. We feel so blessed to have him. I totally understand the bragging parent thing and I have been guilty of trying to show him off quite often. It’s pretty hard not to. I guess this is how every parent feels though.

So for anyone who knows me you would know that I travel a lot. Be it on the road or on planes or even by foot or bike trying to get some exercise. It’s hard for all of us not to be irritated once in a while so at the risk of turning this into a complaining blog I’m going to list some of the areas I think humanity can improve on! I will try to remain positive.

First off, how about driving improvements?
- If you use your turn signal we will all know when you are turning.
- If someone does have their turn signal on how about letting them in?
- The left lane is for passing, please cruise on the right.
- A lower sub woofer volume at lights and in the city will allow all drivers to hear their music.
- If you have a disabled parking pass in your car and you are the one who is disabled please don’t allow friends and family to abuse your privilege.

Onto the airport and various other public places.
- I know the escalator moves but if we all keep moving and actually walk up the stairs we will get there even faster!
- I know the moving sidewalk moves too but if you stand on it you will actually be going slower than a walk, so let’s keep moving here too.
- Bathroom operators, can you make some adjustments to the automatic flushers please. One flush per visit is plenty.

I’ll try to have something a little more . . . deep? . . . next time!!




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