Friday, July 08, 2005

Terrorist Attacks. Again!!

With the recent bombings in London you can't help but think back to 911. The last I heard about these bombings is that they were terrorist attcks and one German news outlet even reported that Al Queda claimed responsibility for it on a web site somewhere. All this talk of Al Queda and Islam and Jihad got me wanting to learn more about who these people are and what they are about. So over the past year or two I've tried to do a little bit of learning.

Dr. Grant, who is based in Franklin TN has likely contributed the most to my most recent academic development. He's at least got me wanting to learn again. So I'd like to direct you to some of his thoughts. His most recent blog on these attacks is quite interesting. The comment discussion is pretty good too.

Dr. Grant's most recent Blog.

And here's a book he wrote sometime around the Gulf War about this same topic.

Blood of the Moon - A book by Dr. Grant about the age-old conflict between Islam - especially Islamic fundamentalism and the Western World.

He also has a CD series on Islam which is really great and I'd recommend it to anyone. The only problem is that I can't find a link to it anywhere on his site. If anyone is really interested in that let me know and I'll do what I can to find a copy.

And on the same theme as Dr. Grant's most recent blog here's another.




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