Thursday, September 29, 2005

Regrow Your Organs

I got to thinking today about microwave ovens. I was going to have a cup of tea and I was thinking how glad I was that I was having water that was boiled in the kettle to make my tea and not water boiled in the microwave. Whenever I have microwave boiled water I always feel like it doesn’t taste as good, whether it’s hot chocolate or tea. I’m guessing if I didn’t know what I was getting I likely wouldn’t know the difference. But when I do know, I want to see that kettle with the red hot heat underneath it and steam flying out before I pour it on my tea bag. Does this make me a boiled water purest? Anyway, that doesn’t matter unless you are serving me a hot drink. What does matter is that microwave ovens are weird. You put something in there and magically after a set amount of time it’s warm or really hot. If you start thinking about it you start to realize how weird it is. Kinda like when you say a word many times in a row and it eventually doesn’t even sound like it normally does.

Well, that stuff is weird but how about mice that can regrow body parts and organs? It’s happening, today, in our world. Check out this article.

Mighty Mice Regrow Organs




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