Monday, September 26, 2005

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It’s a boy!! Parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts, siblings and friends are all excited. Nine months of waiting and discomfort for the mother followed by one day (hopefully only one) of serious discomfort and a beautiful creation has been welcomed into the world.

After some time of recovery the parents are ready to make their first real public outing with their precious newborn son to their church. Making sure all the diapers and wipes and blankets and extra clothes and spare pacifier and whatever else might be needed are packed they load their newborn into the car and make the drive with the baby on board sign proudly hanging in the back.

They arrive and walk in with the car seat hanging awkwardly from Dad’s arm. As they make their way to their seats their friends spot them. Before you know it their baby ends up in a friends arms being ooed and ahhed at by everyone. It’s an exciting time for them all as they’ve all been waiting for this couple to have a child. Mom and Dad start talking to friends they haven’t been able to see for a little while, catching up on all that’s been happening. Eventually the music starts and everyone finds their seats. Mom looks around to see which friend their newborn son ended up with. To her surprise their baby is in the arms of a woman she has never met before. Feeling somewhat betrayed and almost negligent Mom walks over and retrieves her son from the woman she’s never met.

Have you ever seen this happen? I have. It always shocks me. I’m glad it never really happened to my wife and me. Man, that freaks me out. If it’s not your baby don’t go passing it around!

I think this story can have a few other applications. Try filling in the blank yourself.

If it’s not your _________ then don’t go passing it around.




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