Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It tastes amazing. And I love it!

I know I know. It's a beautiful thing. Drinking fresh maple syrup on a beautiful spring day with the frozen river in the background.

This picture was taken by none other than Marc Martel of downhere fame in Mirimichi NB. We were near the end of our East Coast Canada tour and had just been given some fresh New Brunswick maple syrup. When I say fresh, it was made the day before this picture was taken. It's fun to drink maple syrup every once in a while. It gets people all fired up and it tastes really good!! What can I say, I AM CANADIAN.


Sherri Lavender 4/04/2006 8:43 PM  

I guess that's why you are so sweet!


Kathryn 4/04/2006 10:03 PM  

*groan*. . .

ha ha!!

I was gonna say that I bet the maple syrup tastes way better than the Buckleys!!!

I've never tried drinking maple syrup. . i love the stuff - so I'm also a good Canuck. Only the real stuff will do - you won't find Aunt Jemima/Mrs. Buttercrap pseudosyrup in my kitchen!!

Alexis 4/04/2006 11:36 PM  


Ok so how can one drink Maple Syrup like that and stay skinny. Sounds like you guys had a great tour.

It will be nice to see ya back in Cambridge soon.

Krista Lavender 4/05/2006 12:03 PM  

Mmmm...I have a maple granola bar in my lunch bag...mmmm.....

Kathryn 4/05/2006 3:31 PM  

i have maple sugar candy in my baking cupboard!!! mmmmm. . . they're in the shape of maple leaves!!

Lindsay 4/05/2006 10:32 PM  

I've never actually chugged maple syrup out of a bottle before - we get 'shots' of pure maple syrup at the festival at Westfield, and that alone is enough to give me a wicked sugar buzz!

Kathryn 4/06/2006 12:13 AM  

yes, those are quite yummy!!!

more-rice 4/06/2006 11:29 PM  

That used to be our treat from the babysitter- you know how they love to give you what your parents won't? She'd let us drink syrup every once in a while. Those were the good times.

Dale 4/21/2006 12:33 PM  

I love real maple syrup but I've never drank it from the bottle! Whoah! I'll have to try that!


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