Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time With My Boy

I’ve been away from home for almost two weeks so it was nice to get home Friday afternoon, even though it took an all night drive to pull it off. My son’s reaction to me arriving home was pretty much the best too. He was soooo excited. It was definitely the happiest he’s ever been for me to come home. So needless to say we’ve spent a bunch of time together since I’ve been here.

One way we get to do something together (and my wife Sherri gets a break) is for me to take Jonah with me when I go out for a run. We spent good money when Jonah was born to get a really good running/walking/biking/cross country skiing stroller. (No joke about the skiing. You can actually get skis for the thing. Check out the Chariot web site.) So I often take Jonah with me when I go for a run. It gives me a little resistance training too.

Well lately, since he’s started talking so much he’s often said some pretty funny things. During my usual route we pass a water treatment plant beside the river. Since Jonah is so interested in pipes and water this was naturally something I thought he would be interested in. So we’ve talked about it ever since he was quite little. Well yesterday during our run, on our way by, here was our conversation:

Jonah: What’s that?
Me: You know what that is. It’s the water treatment plant.
Jonah: That’s where my poop goes, then it goes in the river.

Well I guess he’s mostly right. Made me chuckle anyway. Later in the run he noticed a white van driving by and said “Hi Poppy!” I had to remind him that Poppy doesn’t live in Cambridge.

All that to say it’s nice to be home, and especially to know that I’ll be here for about four weeks straight. Crazy!



Kathryn 12/18/2006 1:50 PM  

he's so cute! When Lindsay and Kk were little they called that treatment plant the "poo and pee factory"!!

Sarah Potts 12/19/2006 8:38 AM  

Glenn! Glad that you get to be at home with Sherri and Jonah for such a "long" period of time! It's kinda sad that you think that 4 weeks is a long time, but I guess it is in the life of a rockstar! Anyways, sounds like life is going great up in Canada! I hope you all will have a great Christmas!

God bless!

Much love from VA!


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