Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Throw Your Trash Out The Window

I know this stuff still happens because I see the result of it everywhere but for someone to do it in plain view is unbelievable. As you've likely gathered I'm into saving our environment. Not sure how much of all the global warming stuff is our fault and all those other hot topic issues but I'm at the place where I think it's really just about all of us trying to be the best stewards with what we have. That being said let me tell you about something that happened on the weekend.

I was on the road with my band "downhere" and we were pulling out of a parking lot after eating lunch.
As we started to pull out Jason says, "I can't believe I just saw that. The woman in that car just opened her window and dropped out a bag of McDonald's garbage."
We all looked over and there was the incriminating evidence on the ground next to her car. I was in the passenger seat so I asked Dave who was driving to stop before we got past her. I figured we couldn't just leave the situation like that. Something had to be done. So I hopped out of the van and jogged over to her car. Her window was still down a little bit so when I got there I said, "Would you like me to pick that up for you?" Without waiting for an answer I reached down and picked it up. I noticed her nod her head and look a little guilty as I was picking it up. Without saying another word I then jogged back to the van, hopped in and added the bag of McDonald's garbage to the other two we had in there.

I just can't believe people can be so irresponsible. Especially an adult woman who should definitely know better. Anyway, then on Monday while walking home from the neighbourhood fireworks display (Monday was Victoria Day here in Canada) I picked up a huge empty whiskey bottle that someone had just left outside. I guess I’m turning into a bit of a garbage collector. I really don’t mind though. I think it’s great for my son to see us always taking garbage out of forests when we leave and picking up random bottles out on the street. Hopefully this picking up of garbage will catch on. I think it could be the next cool thing!



Sue Titcombe 5/22/2008 8:56 AM  

Good for you, Glenn! I hope that humbling experience helped that woman learn a valuable lesson.

I'm a bit frustrated with Tim Hortons, especially during "Roll Up the Rim" time. Have you ever noticed how many coffee cups you see as you're out and about? And there are a zillion more coffee cups thrown on the ground during Roll Up the Rim. I guess people get frustrated when they don't win and toss them out the window. It's pretty sad.

Lynn,  5/22/2008 2:20 PM  

Keep on being an example to Jonah and #2 when he/she arrives with not littering. I credit my not littering to my parents teaching me. And I thought it was drilled into our heads in elementary school, and that was several years ago. Some people still haven't caught on.

The garbage around Laura's school is horrible and it's only a JK-Grade 6 school--the impressionable age.

Our neighbourhood is bad too, with 3 variety stores within a two minute walk. We always have garbage all over our yard. Including Sue's Tim Horton's mention, and the closest one is actually a bit away.

I feel guilty if I or one of my kids accidentally drops something and it blows away before we are able to catch it!

Anonymous,  5/23/2008 8:34 AM  

way to go Glenn. You know there was a time that I was that person throwing things out the window but in the last 5 yrs since I have hung around with your family I have become more green aware than ever.

I got our family water barrels, we composters but are not very good at that yet. Just really not sure how to, I definately am far more cautious in what I purchase in plastic, and more cautious as to what goes in the green garbage bags.

I have been very impressed with the new green bucket system that you have at your place and wish it was on our side of town, they tell me it could take 5 yrs before the whole city gets on the system.

but I guess if we all start by doing the little things eventually it will become contagious and it will become the way of life.

Great share and I think it was very cool and very you in the way you dealt with that lady. I say way to go my friend. eay to go.

Thanks for being a great example to the world in general and to me.



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