Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Velvet Elvis, American Idol and Life

I feel like some sort of explanation is needed for my lack of blogging lately. First off, I’m sure you realize already that I’ll never be a ‘blog every day’ type of guy. I’m just not interested in giving myself that much more to do in a day. And things have been pretty crazy lately, although somehow our drummer Jeremy has been able to find the time to blog. He was coming out of a blogging drought too though.

So anyway, every so often I am reminded that people who I don’t expect to read this blog, read this blog (thanks Gord!). Realizing that my blog is quite out of date I am finally motivated to write one. Today’s blog will just be about what’s been going on lately so I can feel sort of caught up.

If you saw my last post you will have learned that my last trip with the band was pretty nuts. Nuts as far as distance traveled goes. It was also longer than our average time away, which we all seemed to feel. So my time at home, which I am pretty protective of, has mostly been spent with my immediate family and has been quite rejuvenating. I’ve also been getting back to where I need to be for my marathon training. That much travel combined with some bad stomach ailments caused a bit of a slow down for my training. No big deal though as I was a few weeks ahead anyway. I just need to get my speed back up to snuff, which seems to be slowly happening.

As for reading and other things I am taking in right now . . . I read Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis. Loved it, started to read it again and take notes but had to return it. So I’ll pick it up again and get back to you on that one. I also was into a book on climate change. I felt the author was too biased so I didn’t finish. Oh well. There are more balanced books out there. I’m also picking away at Philip Yancey’s book on Prayer. I’ve really been enjoying that one and expect to post about it more in depth in the future. I keep up with my only magazine subscription to Runner’s World regularly. If you run at all it is a great magazine to read. There’s great stuff on health and it’s great for motivation.

And for the first time I am watching American Idol this year. Every single episode so far. It speeds the time in airplanes and is quite entertaining. I’ve gotta say I think that Simon character is usually right on. I don’t appreciate his making fun of people but I do appreciate his honesty in telling someone they shouldn’t sing when they shouldn’t. Don’t these people have friends who love them who should have told them??? Anyway, enough about that. I’m also following Heroes and of course 24!

On top of what I am taking in there I am currently in the throws of editing a fairly lengthy downhere video. I’ve edited down all of the footage from our last trip and I’m at around 65 minutes still!!! Guess this one will be released in parts.

I’ve also gotten back to practicing scales on my bass guitar. Maybe I’m a nerd but I enjoy playing scales. There’s some security in it. Been working on major, minor and diminished whole tone. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Here's one of the books I'm using right now.

That about fills you in. Now I can move on with life and let you know some of the deeper things that have been going on in my brain. But that will be my next post!!



Holly 3/21/2007 10:43 AM  

Hey, your frequency of blogging sure does beat me by miles, so you're still ahead... :-)

This is my first year watching Idol too! We'll have to compare notes on our favorites.

And 65 minutes?!?! WOW! That sounds more like the makings of a downhere in Europe DVD than it does a web video! :-D

Kathryn 3/21/2007 2:57 PM  

Good update, Glenn. I loved Velvet Elvis as well, though it does hurt me to read about church, so these days i just can't relate to churchy books. American Idol - we've watched every season except the first 2. Last night's episode - the two weakest tried different strategies. Hayley tried the T&A approach, Sanjaya tried actually using some energy. I like Jordin, Melinda, LaKisha, Blake and Chris, Gina's pretty cool too. I agree, Simon knows his stuff.

Enjoy being home, rolling stone -- however brief the home times are.

Big Ear Creations 3/21/2007 2:58 PM  

Hey man... good for you being protective of family... can't be easy being on the road that much...

Just wanted to give ya a "hi" and props for the great music!


Denise 3/24/2007 5:14 PM  

Boo to scales!! That reminds me of jr.band practice...ick! But you're the musician so better you than me! ;)

Sarah Potts,  3/24/2007 10:39 PM  

65 minutes would make a fun DVD, Glenn :) (Yup, Holly knows what she's talking about!)

Hope you are well, friend!

Have a fun and safe trip out west!



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