Thursday, July 05, 2007

In Sweden

I arrived in Sweden today with the band. We're in the city of Halmstad. This is the view when you walk out the front door of our hotel. So far Halmstad seems like a pretty cool place. It's right on the water and has the Nissan River running right through it.

After we had supper we went for a walk along the river all the way down towards the ocean as far as we could go. We saw this boat on our walk. It looks much bigger in real life.

I'm hoping to rent a bike tomorrow as well as go for a run so I should have opportunity to see more of the city and to get more pics. The question will be if I can get the pics onto my compy. The camera seems to be acting up. Time to try and get a good night's sleep.


p.s. I didn't have my camera with me so I stole these pics from other people. Here are their links.
Pic 1
Pic 2


electroluminescence 7/10/2007 9:54 PM  

glorious glorious glorious!
i want to see these marvelous places!
I can't wait to hear more about your adventures!
that would be magnanimous to the maximum & beyond.

lovelove!!!! :]


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