Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vote For Running

I don't know which sports you may be interested in but I figure if you are reading this you know how I have a love for running. One of the people who have inspired my running to a new level is Dean Karnazes. I've mentioned Dean before on here. I posted about his book Ultra Marathon Man back in October 2006 and I posted how a phrase from his book helped me out in the Nashville Marathon this past April. Actually, the last thing I read the night before the marathon was about Dean running 100 miles to a marathon then ran the marathon in 3:15!!! Now that's a way to get perspective.

Recently I received a hydration backpack for my long runs. Check it out here. (Thanks for the birthday gift Sherri!) I made sure I got the one Dean uses made by The North Face. I figure if he can run a hundred or two miles with it on it should be good for my short 12-20 mile runs.

I believe there is WAY more to running than just getting in shape or beating your best time. The people I know that have started running seem to have changed more than just their physical health. But that is another blog post that I'll have to explore another day.

Anyway, Dean is nominated for an ESPY (ESPN sports awards) in the category of "Best Outdoor Athlete". I think it would be a great boost to the running community if a runner could win this award. Running is so often forgotten and so many people take part in it. Strange.

So please, even if you are not a runner, take the 30-60 seconds to follow THIS LINK and vote for Dean. Just scroll down to "Best Outdoor Athlete" select Dean and choose vote! And hey, if you are a blogger and a runner, and I know some of you are, please post about this too and let's get an ESPY for Dean!

To visit Dean’s blog go here.



Krista 6/28/2007 4:26 PM  

I voted! Thanks for the heads-up Glenner!

electroluminescence 7/01/2007 1:54 AM  

Whoa whoa! i've missed alot of Glennster posts!
thanks for all the inspiration & illumination! :]
i'll definitely vote for Dean...he's phenomenal!

i hope you're having a sensational summerr so far!

*The Blogstar 7/04/2007 12:15 PM  

DUDE. We miss you guys.

Hope you are well.

Let me know when you guys are back around.



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