Saturday, June 09, 2007

Congrats Canada's Anaheim Ducks

". . . for the most part, this is a Canadian team and that's not an accident. Bryan Murray, who built most of this squad, freely admits that when drafting, he sought out large Canadian youngsters." read full article here

I must congratulate the most Canadian team in the NHL, the Anaheim Ducks, on winning the Stanley Cup. Way to go boys! We're all proud of you up here and glad you beat the bad guys from Ontario. Gotta give props to the Anaheim fans too. Way to go on supporting your team and hanging in there.

So now it's over, for a few months anyway the best sport in the world will be taking a break. The best sport with the smartest and most affluent fans apparently. Check this out.

"Hockey is by far the smallest of the big four sports in terms of total fan base, television dollars, and sponsorship. However, the NHL fan base is the most affluent and well educated of the four." read full article here

There ya go folks. So statistics say that I'm better educated and more affluent than NFL fans or NBA fans or MLB fans or NASCAR . . . wait a second that's not a sport. I guess stats can't always be right.


Thanks Fred for the heads up on Anaheim's Canadian-ness.



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