Sunday, September 09, 2007

Detroit Marathon Training Update

I blogged last week about my 18 mile run. This week my long run was 22 miles and once again it was gorgeous. Even prettier than last time. So pretty that I had to get out with a camera this morning and get some pictures. Below is a screen shot of my elevation graph from my GPS. I didn't realize during my run how much of a hill I climbed, so when I saw this graph I was quite surprised. I discovered I climbed a total of 2,781 feet and descended a total of 3,334 feet!!

The picture below is taken from the highest point on that graph looking back at the road I ran up. I tried something a little different on this run. I thought I would bring a peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich to eat during my run, you know, instead of the usual not so tasty energy snacks. So imagine me running up that hill with half a P.B. and J sandwich in my hand. I guess it worked out. My energy stayed consistent and I felt great all day after the run.

The following two pictures are the view that you have when you reach the top. I think I will have to plan on doing this run again next year!!

And for those of you that run, here are the stats from the run.

Distance - 22 Miles
Elapsed Time - 3:17:36 (I started at 6AM, early for me!!)
Average Pace - 8:58 (Decent for having that hill in the middle of the run)
Calories - 3908

Next week will be a bit of a break, only 16 miles! Ha ha.



kathryn 9/10/2007 3:40 PM  

pretty awesome scenery!!! were you concerned about wildlife? cougars, bears, etc? i cannot fathom running at all. . never mind those kinds of distances. holy shnikes!

Kevin Green 10/17/2007 4:19 PM  

Good luck this Sunday, Glenn! The 2005 Detroit Marathon was my first marathon and I've been hooked since.

Be proud of your accomplishment!



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