Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good 3-Year-Old Ear

Just a quick story about coming home from this last trip.

Yesterday, Sherri, Jonah and I arrived home after a wonderful two weeks in central Washington state. To see some great pictures see my previous post and Sherri's blog. While we were there, the band spent some time recording and Jonah got to play the drums in the studio. Quite exciting for a 3-year-old. I even recorded him using the top notch recording gear they have there. Anyway, when we got home Jonah went straight to his drum kit to play some beats. He hit his snare drum a few times then stopped. He hit it again. This time he sort of looked around, confused.
"Daddy, this snare drum doesn't sound too good" he says.
You see, Jonah had been playing a pretty nice drum kit at the studio. Pretty expensive too, especially the snare drum. The snare drum he played before he got home is worth about three of his drum kits so . . . yeah . . . your snare doesn't sound too good buddy. Sorry. But at least he's got the ear to know the difference already!!


Lynn,  9/13/2007 12:19 PM  

Sounds like he has the Lavender musical talent already! I guess there are likely musicians in the Sturge family as well. I remember Sherri used to sing some, (not sure if she still does much) and Mark is into brass. Sorry Carla, not sure of your talents!

Pretty interesting for a 3 year old to notice that though.


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