Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Snow!

So we are having a great winter here in Southern Ontario. That is if you like snow. This is the 3rd time we've had this much snow and our driveway snow banks have been this high. The thing is that it keeps warming up enough to melt it all before the next one comes. So at least it hasn't all totally piled up. Anyway, here are some pics from this morning after Dad and I cleared the driveway. You'll notice in the second picture there is something sticking up in the snow. Yes that's a fire hydrant almost buried. I guess we should maybe dig that out a bit for safety reasons! The last pic is just looking up our street. I love how the snow rests on those large coniferous trees. It looks so pretty. It sounds like we might have more coming again this weekend!!



Anonymous,  2/13/2008 6:33 PM  

There's so much snow this winter! It really has been quite a while. I do love the trees in the last picture as well.


PERU 2007 2/15/2008 10:28 AM  

I am so tired of all this snow, but it does make for some beautiful photos, and it is a little majestic as well.
Kath is right the snow piles are getting bigger than you Glenn. hahahaha

Pop Culture Devotions 2/25/2008 4:36 PM  

Looks like more is coming tonight!!!


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