Saturday, March 08, 2008

Even more snow!!

I know everyone is experiencing this stuff pretty bad right now in eastern North America. Ours started yesterday at 2:00pm. Right now it's 4:00pm and it hasn't stopped! The forecast says it won't stop till 10:00pm so we have another 6 hours of the pretty white stuff to come! I love it. And yes, I did mostly just post this to outdo Normal Rockstar. Actually my parents walked 5 miles outside today!! True Canadians they are.


Lynn,  3/09/2008 12:04 AM  

I'm ready for the end of it!!

Holly 3/10/2008 2:39 AM  

Not exactly "everyone" on the east coast... all we got on Saturday was some rain and a ridiculous windstorm (fierce!) that lasted all day and limbs all into the yard! Usually we duplicate Nashville's weather about 24 hours later, but not this time!!


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