Monday, October 20, 2008

Landmark Day

Yes today is a landmark day at our house. Jonah counted to 100 all by himself! Well, we're proud and impressed anyway. He's only 4 after all.

We started a new thing here to get Jonah cleaning up his messes better. 10 minutes before meal times is "Tidy Up Time". So far Jonah isn't a huge fan of it. Today he did the ultimate thing to avoid tidying up. He started by really taking his time so that he had hardly finished anything by lunch. So I told him after lunch he'd have to finish up before playing with anything. By the end of the meal he was saying he was too tired to stay awake. Jonah hasn't had a daytime nap in months and hasn't been acting tired at all today. In fact he's been quite peppy and seemingly well rested. Anyway, I went along with it just to see how far he would go. He got in bed and tried to fall asleep. After I finished cleaning up lunch I went into his room and asked him if he needed me to help him sleep by patting his back and he said yes. I did and right before I left the room I reminded him he'd have to tidy up when he woke up. Sure enough he is now sleeping! Quite a surprise. Guess we're all staying up late tonight now!!

Here are some pictures from Bram's dedication yesterday. It was a beautiful day!


kaitlyn tillman,  10/21/2008 2:08 PM  

aaawww. such a cute smile


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