Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Goji Juice business update.

Today will be another two-post day. Otherwise there will be one long post.

A couple of months ago I found an opportunity to possibly make a little extra money with a company called Freelife. They have a great product and it’s a great fit with my current job of being a rockstar. After all, rockstars do need money. For the regular readers of this blog I told you I would let you know how it’s going. So, being that it’s a job that entails selling and I’m not a salesman (I knew this going in), it’s starting a little slow, but no slower than I expected. I’m pretty much on pace with where I thought I’d be and I’m figuring the next couple of months will pick up.

So the product is called Himalayan Goji Juice. Here’s the quick run down. I’m not doing this for a sale but just to give you some context for this post and the next one. Of course if you want to buy it from me I’d be more than happy and you could follow the link in the sidebar!! So yeah, the product is Goji Juice. It’s a juice made from Goji Berries. The big deal with this berry is that it seems to be one of the most nutrient-rich foods on Earth. So naturally making a juice from it is a good idea. I’m always happy to get as many nutrients as I can from natural sources. To see some of the things found in the Goji Berry check out the Goji wiki page. The thing that makes Himalayan Goji Juice stand out is this.

"The vast majority of studies on goji, including the 79 peer reviewed scientific studies you will find on, relate to the research on goji’s unique polysaccharides named LBP-1, LBP-2, LBP-3 and LPB-4. These polysaccharides, not yet found in any other plant on earth, are what make goji unique and the biggest breakthrough in nutrition that Dr. Mindell has seen in 40 years. They are, by far, the most beneficial component of the goji berry. Knowing this, Dr. Mindell and his research team developed our trade secret, a proprietary manufacturing process that maximizes and standardizes the polysaccharide level in every bottle of Himalayan Goji Juice. That is why our customers get better results with Himalayan Goji Juice than with any other goji product on the market."
Many people have some pretty incredible testimonials about changes to their health since drinking the juice. My running started to improve significantly right around the same time I started drinking Goji Juice. To see more testimonials check out this link.

So that’s the quick lowdown on Himalayan Goji Juice. There is lots of information on the web about it and I have a few links in my sidebar so check them out.

There have been many great articles and features on this new juice in the media and from what I understand all of them have been quite favorable. However, this week on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) there was a show that gave Goji some bad press, thus the need for another entry in my blog.



Kathryn 1/28/2007 1:01 AM  

i've read in the past that anyone who is arthritic should not consume anything from the 'deadly nightshade' family of plants. I wonder if this is true? maybe i shouldn't have tomatoes or potatoes either?! bah! i like them!!! I think i'll continue to take my chances, though maybe that's just plain stupid?! ha ha! maybe more research is in order. . .

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