Thursday, December 06, 2007


Ahhhhhh, there she is. A thing of beauty. Behold her humility. She just sits there quietly, unassuming, as if nothing is even happening, yet nothing could be further from the truth. She is however just starting to take a break due to the cold weather. It gets a little more difficult for her to work when it's so chilly outside and the insides of her aren't able to reach the 40-62 degrees C (105F-145F) she so desires. Normally when we throw in what to us is waste, she takes it and gets to work right away. Now that the weather has turned and she's kind of small her work will have to wait till the Spring and our waste will just have to pile up until she's full which she almost is.

Ok, ok, sorry. I couldn't help myself. It is just a compost container but something about it is so cool to me. I mean you just throw in some food scraps (the right ones of course) stir it a few times a week and in a matter of weeks it's all turned into some very fine dirt that can feed your garden or lawn or whatever. You're reducing your waste and producing something that can be used later and can save you a little dough. All for minimal work.

The area I live in is great for encouraging composting. I was just checking my region's web site and it looks like I could drive to 3 different places and pick up a FREE compost container like the one above. Nice! Here's some info about composting taken directly from that same web site.

Composting is one of the ways we all can contribute to reducing the need for landfills and preserving our environment. By composting our own household garbage, we can turn kitchen and yard waste into a dark, nutrient-rich earthy-smelling material which can be given back to the earth as an environmentally friendly soil conditioner.

By returning organic matter back to the soil, our plants will grow healthier and we can change this "waste" into a valuable resource for future generations. Make composting a part of your waste reduction routine!

What can you compost? One-third of your household garbage can be composted!
* vegetable cuttings
* fruit peels
* cores and rinds
* coffee grounds
* egg shells
* tea bags
* plant cuttings
* grass trimmings
* leafy vines
Things you should not compost include
- Meats, fish and bones
- Fatty foods (cheese, bustter, oils)
- Animal Feces
- Diseased or insect infected plants
- Weeds with mature seeds

For a great little brochure/pamphlet/information thingy, download the pdf in this link. It's full of lots of information about composting.

OK, that's it for now. I'll have to do another post on the old compost when Spring rolls around and she's able to start working again. Maybe some pictures of the lovely dirt she produces will be in order.



kathryn 12/06/2007 4:37 PM  

we have the same unit!!! love it!!! did you get the "Earth Machine" booklet with it? i'm gonna keep filling mine up through the winter. .

it really reduces the garbage load! and that IS a thing of beauty!!

fightinjoe 12/06/2007 8:40 PM  

Nice post on compost! It's hard to describe the feeling of composting, but it's a thing of beauty when it all comes to fruition.

The Tribewanted group has been seriously composting on Vorovoro in Fiji for the past seven months and we can't wait to start using the compost in the gardens. But just like you're waiting for the snow to melt, we're waiting for the rainy season to end!


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