Sunday, December 02, 2007

Global Warming

Well happy December from Southern Ontario Canada! We woke up to somewhere around 15cm of snow today. It felt like more than that though. I got stuck twice trying to get out of the driveway for church this morning. Then since we live on a hill I couldn't go up and ended up backing down the entire hill to get to a flat spot so I could start driving to church. As you can see Jonah and I had some outside time in the snow which was good seeing as he threw up last night while grandma was baby sitting. He's not 100% but we figured since the snow was here and he wanted to go out so bad it was worth it.

Environment Canada is also predicting that this will be our coldest winter in 15 years! Link. No problem with me. It just means we should be able to have our outdoor rink a little longer this year and that we should have more snow! Woo hoo. Maybe we can get into cross country skiing this year?



Lynn,  12/03/2007 1:21 PM  

Yeah, snow is fun when you don't have to go anywhere.

But when you have to drag a stoller and a 5 year old to school across icy, snowy, unshovelled sidewalks, it's not so fun!!

Most were shovelled today (Monday) but last year was horrible!

We do have a great toboggan hill though.

kat,  12/03/2007 7:56 PM  

great pics!!! global warming my arse. . blah. i knew that when i saw the obese squirrels lumbering around my yard that we were in for a proper winter! cross country skiing is SO fun! We finally got rid of our skis. Rob's pair was 26 years old. . mine were almost 30 years old at the time we pitched them. technology has eclipsed those poor things. My bindings were shot, our boots were old and cracking. i haven't really checked the skis out lately - its been a warm decade so it wasn't a priority. we've skiied some nice local trails. . Valens is good, Christie's, Pinehurst, Sulphur Springs near Ancaster was good, i recall. . . Hope Christmas will be nice and white


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