Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mike Huckabee for President

I'm not often into politics much but it's been really interesting to see how Mike Huckabee has seemed to pick up steam so quickly in the U.S. presidential race. The first time I heard of Mike Huckabee was back around 2000 when he was shown on a comedy special in Canada called Talking To Americans. The host, Rick Mercer, traveled to Arkansas as part of the show and talked to Governor Mike Huckabee. He obviously posed questions well enough to get Huckabee to say what he wanted him to say as he would do with every other American he talked to. And this is what made the show so funny. So Huckabee made a fool of himself and that was the first time I heard his name. Since then, and since I started running, I heard how he was a runner and was able to lose quite a bit of weight running. He's even run several marathons! So that's impressive and made me take notice of him again.

In the last couple of weeks two blogs that I often check have both posted about their support of Huckabee. One blogger, Randy Alcorn, is a writer and a pastor and lives in Colorado. I've read his books Safely Home and Lord Foulgrin's Letters and I posted about them a while back. The other, Dean Karnazes, is a runner and the Ultramarathon Man. He works towards beating childhood obesity, he's all about being fit and eating healthy and he lives in California. He's been a running inspiration to me and reading his book before a race is always helpful.

These guys come from very different places yet both of them support Huckabee. I'm not able to vote and that's fine because I'm a proud Canadian but if I were to vote in the U.S. Mike Huckabee would have my vote at this point. It'll be interesting to see how it all goes down.

To see what Alcorn and Karnazes had to say about Huckabee click on their names above.

Below is the clip from Talking To Americans as well as a great commercial Huckabee did with Chuck Norris. It made me laugh anyway.




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