Thursday, February 05, 2009

Brother Lawrence

We finally dug out a box of our books which Sherri unpacked to one of our few bookshelves. I found our copy of The Practice Of The Presence Of God by Brother Lawrence and have been enjoying picking my way through it. To live like Brother Lawrence seems so distant from how I think I can live but it is really inspiring. Here's a portion of what I read today. I'm not unwell but reading this sure is a good reminder about how to react to suffering.

You can read the entire book online here.

Eleventh Letter: I do not pray that you may be delivered from your pains; but I pray earnestly that God gives you strength and patience to bear them as long as He pleases. Comfort yourself with Him who holds you fastened to the cross. He will loose you when He thinks fit. Happy are those who suffer with Him. Accustom yourself to suffer in that manner, and seek from Him the strength to endure as much, and as long, as He judges necessary for you.


Scott Orr 2/05/2009 10:50 AM  

you know whenever someone mentions a book, album or movie, and then it reminds you that you should have that but you must have lent it to something.

that just happened to me.

great book. wasn't there a great line in the beginning that says something about pots and pans and praising the Lord?


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