Friday, February 27, 2009

Juno Award As an Instrument

Today we started recording our Christmas album in Nashville. Not exactly the kind of weather to bring about the Christmas spirit but I think we live in the Christmas spirit all year long so we haven't been having any trouble. I've been getting some video of the process and will be uploading it to YouTube throughout. Today was the first day we started to record and we used it to record We Wish You A Merry Christmas. We had some real fun with it. Besides all of us singing together my favorite part was playing the Juno Award for percussion. It sort of had a Triangle quality to it. It worked well as part of the percussion ensemble we created behind the song. You see that wavy metal part going around the glass dude. Well that's what I hit. Jason's Juno does have a few dents in it now but he thought it was well worth it!

I didn't catch that on video but if you're curious about what we did get we have a couple of short clips on the bands YouTube page so check it out when you have a chance.



Fred 2/28/2009 6:36 AM  

Doesn't everyone pound their drumsticks on their JUNO? Merry Christmas Glenn!

Carla 2/28/2009 5:51 PM  

That's right up there with the "Montreal Steak Seasoning Shaker"

Sue Titcombe 3/01/2009 3:14 PM  

Maybe you'll soon have another Juno to add to the percussion section. Sounds like fun.

Electroluminescence. 3/02/2009 1:03 PM  

fun fun fun and festive.
love itttt.
most creative lads ever.

Kiwi da Fruit 3/07/2009 4:50 PM  

Hey, thanks for videoing some of the recording process! I just got to watch it today. The "Figgy Pudding (Won't Go Until We've Got Some) Song" sounds really good a cappella.
I look forward to seeing more!


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