Monday, February 02, 2009

Trashing My Football MVP Trophy

Back when I was a teenager I won a few awards here and there. Some of them pretty decent awards too. One of my favorites would be MVP for the football team I played for in my first year in high school. I like that one because I'm not much of a football fan. In fact, I didn't even turn on the TV last night when the Superbowl was on! So it just seems funny to me now that I was an MVP in football. Then another favorite would be my Jakes Award. I'm honestly not even sure what it was for except it meant I did something good at my high school in music!

Recently my Mom found all these old awards in her house and sent them over to us. We didn't know what to do with them until we remembered what we always do with these types of things. Take pictures of them then get rid of them! Pictures take up much less room and I'm certainly not going to be displaying my plaque for Student Activities Council Executive! So here they are. I'm puting them on display on my blog as a last farewell. Now to the garbage or Goodwill???


Lori 2/02/2009 12:09 PM  

You may have already heard of this, but is a place you may want to donate some of those medals.

Krista 2/02/2009 10:55 PM  

1. The live guest feed thing is creepy...but it forced me to comment, so well done!
2. Well done!
3. I think Miss Taya would love to know you were a SAC Executive in high school.

Bradley B. Shea 2/04/2009 7:54 AM  

I should get rid of some of mine I guess. I still have my old bowling trophies. I guess I am a geek!


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