Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Great Expectations and MyBlogSite

First things first, myblogsite is shutting down which means I have to move. In fact my access will be done as of Nov 30th!! I guess that’s what you get when you’re not paying anything. No big deal really except for the time it will take to move all my posts over and the fact that I don’t want to lose any of you who read this regularly. It looks like I’ll be moving over to blogger like most other people. I’m in the process of setting it up right now so I’ll post my new address once I’m ready to go.

Thanks for coming to my blog and over the past few months! I never expected to get as many hits as I have. Here are some stats that myblogsite gives me. It’ll be interesting to see how much they change when I switch to blogger and a new stat tracking system.

Average hits per day: 180-220 (a guess after viewing the stats)
The most hits in one day: 457
Most hits in one month: 7,995 October 2005
Just to see how much it has grown April’s average daily hits was about 100 and for the month of April I had 3,332 hits.
Thanks everyone!!!
Most people come to my blog from Sherri’s blog, the Downhere blog, Jeremy’s blog and Dale’s blog. Also there are unusual amounts of people that reach my blog when they search for Thermopylae.

On to other things . . .

I’m halfway through Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. I enjoy the writing even though I have to concentrate harder to know what’s going on. There is something I appreciate about all the details he gives even though they may not be necessary. I find that Dickens can likely get away with writing the longest sentences that don’t qualify as being run-on. It’s quite an ability I think. I would get halfway through a sentence and not remember how it started because he had taken it to such a different place. The story itself hasn’t been super interesting to me which is why I’m not picking it up to read whenever possible. This likely has to do with growing up playing video games and watching TV the way it is now. We’re just so used to things happening fast and in Great Expectations it goes by pretty slow. While in a Barnes and Noble I picked up one of those condensed notes version of the book and read through parts of that. This really helped me to understand the characters and the story better and got me back into the book. I think I’ll do that again on my next “classic” reading book. The bad news here is that I’ve renewed it once and I guess that’s all the library is giving me on this one even though I’m only halfway through. So I’m on to my next book The Tipping Point.

Oh yes, almost forgot. The new Harry Potter is excellent! Lots missing from the book but hey, it was a long one. They got most of the important stuff. That’s another blog.




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