Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blu-Ray Vs HD-DVD

With so many people owning HD TV's today everyone is asking which format of high definition videos they should be buying, Blu-ray or HD-DVD. I don't own a HD TV but my interest in video production has got me following this battle somewhat and I'm sure there are at least a few people who make it to my blog who wonder what player to get.

Well I came across two articles today that look like they might be sealing the win for the Blu-ray format.

Movie studio Warner Bros. has confirmed that it will switch to releasing HD movies only in the Blu-ray Disc format, potentially ending HD DVD's run in the marketplace and affecting the computer industry as a consequence. (link)
Paramount Pictures is poised to drop its support of HD DVD in favor of Sony’s Blu-ray format, landing a decisive blow to the Toshiba-backed next-generation DVD format and all but assuring Blu-ray's role as the future standard for all high-definition digital video discs. (link)
So the studios that will be supporting Blu-ray will be:
Sony Pictures, MGM, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, Lionsgate and Paramount. From what I can tell that represents more than 70% of the market.

Studios supporting HD DVD are:
UniversalSo it looks like Blu-Ray is the new VHS and HD-DVD will go the way of the Betamax!

There you go, no more waiting. Now you know the future, courtesy of Lavs Blog of course. Go on out and get yourself a Blu-ray player and enjoy some of the best looking video available today.



Holly 1/09/2008 2:29 AM  

You know, I kind of figured that Blu-ray would this battle if for no other reason than that "Blu-ray" has a lot more immediate name recognition and individuality. When you hear Blu-ray, there's no mistaking what the person is talking about. HD-DVD can sound confusing to a novice.

Holly 1/09/2008 2:31 AM  

"win this battle" that is...

Glenn Scott,  1/09/2008 10:03 AM  

Hey Glenn,

I am with you on this except that it is still speculation as to whether or not Paramount is going to drop HD-DVD. So far they have released a press statement stating that they have no plans on dropping HD-DVD. However I don't recall them going out of their way to say that they won't start supporting both formats.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months as Paramount did take that big 150 million dollar payoff to support only HD-DVD.

Dale 1/09/2008 12:34 PM  

Being on a tight budget, I'm not exactly in the market for any new DVD players yet... but it's good to know (thanks to Lavs Blog) that when I'm ready to start making equipment purchases, Blu-ray is probably the safer one to go with. Thanks, Glenn!

alan 1/10/2008 12:01 AM  

Guess you can finally score one for the guys and gals at Sony. I've got an HDTV, but it's gonna be a while before we purchase a Blu-ray player, if ever. I like playing video games, so when the time comes we'll probably get a PS3since it doubles as a Blu-ray player & gaming system. Not to mention it's roughly the same price as a Blu-ray player by itself.

ROY 2/25/2008 8:28 AM  

When we had Betamax/VHS no-one had old collections to replace, but by the time of Blu-ray/HD-DVD we had potentially replaced our collections thus: Betamax to VHS to DVD to (HD-DVD or Blu-ray?) How many times are we to replace our collections? Its not lost on me that Toshiba was in with Sony when Betamax lost out, but they still gave us another format war instead of giving in to all the others who were all for Blu-ray. Hard luck Toshiba, don't you ever learn?


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