Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Disney Marathon Photos

As promised here are some pics from the weekend! Here's a picture of Erin, my sister Krista, me, and my sister Tracy after we all completed the half marathon. It was pretty cool to be able to stand there with both sisters after we had all completed that same run!! I'm so proud of them for finishing but mostly for sticking through the hard work of getting to be able to run on race day. That is really the hardest part!

Here's me passing my family at the 13 mile mark of the marathon.

I am just about to cross the finish line in this photo and am feeling pretty wasted . I was pretty wasted for the last 6 miles actually!

Jeremy and I after completing our second Disney Marathon together. Sorry about the lack of shirt but I had to have a picture of Jeremy and I here.

This is the moment I was waiting for, kind of. I finally have my Goofy medal in this photo and was able to get a picture with Goofy himself. Wow!
You can't just run at Disney, it would be such a waste. Here's Sherri and Jonah as we are about to go into Epcot. Jonah was really hamming it up for photos that day.

And this had to be Jonah's favorite moment of the trip. After I completed the half marathon we waited in a line to meet Mickey and Jonah looked so excited when he saw him. I don't know how Disney does it. They are able to make kids love them so much and we don't really have that much Disney stuff.

So now I'm home (for one day) and all those long runs are behind me thankfully. I'll take it easy for a little while but not too long. The Nashville Marathon is coming up and it will be the first Rockstar Runners event. So if you think you could even walk a mile in 16 minutes you should consider at least coming down and running the half marathon with us.



Alexis 1/17/2008 12:00 AM  

great job and those are some awesome photos, the best one thou is your little hambone hamming it up for the camera.

looks like Jonah was in a hugging mood when he saw Mickey

Travel safe and hope to see ya soon.


Lynn,  1/17/2008 12:24 PM  

Great pictures. I like the 'no beard' look. Not that the beard was bad!

Sue Titcombe 1/17/2008 7:27 PM  

I love Jonah's boots! Looks like a great trip.


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