Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Disney Marathon and Half Marathon

The day is nearly here, or I guess I should say days are nearly here when I will see if all of my training has paid off. This weekend I will be participating in the Disney Marathon Weekend in Disney World Florida. The reason I said 'days' earlier is because I will be taking part in the Goofy Challenge which means I will run the Half Marathon on Saturday and the full Marathon on Sunday. That's a total of 39.3 miles or 63.25 km of running over two days not to mention he amount of walking that will be going on due to the fact that we'll be in Disney World with our 3 year old for the first time.

I feel like I'm ready for this run. The only thing that can really spoil it at this point for me is the potential for getting sick. I came home from the road on Monday and both my wife and mother were home from work sick. Earlier in the week my son and my nephew and his mommy (my sister) were sick and yesterday my dad had it. So I'm the last one standing and I fully expect to get it but it needs to either happen today or tomorrow or else I will be in trouble!

All that said, to give you an idea of the training I've been doing here's a look at my schedule from the past few months. For running the Goofy Challenge you'll see a lot more zeros than you would likely expect. I'm all about rest and avoiding injury though. Plus, sometimes you just can't fit a run in in a day! (you may need to click on the image to read it better)

If you are interested in following my progress you can just follow these links. This one for the Half Marathon and this one for the Full Marathon. I'm hoping to maintain an 8:00 per mile pace for both races. If I can, that will give me a 1:45 finish for the half and a 3:30 for the full. I'll post the results as soon as I can.

In case you would like to check out their blogs both of my sisters (Tracy and Krista) are running as well as my drummer Jeremy and his wife Erin.



Billy 1/09/2008 6:37 PM  

Good luck in both the races! I am shooting for a 1:50 Half and a 4:15 full this year at the Disney Marathons. I look forward to seeing your results posted on your blog.

electroluminescence 1/11/2008 1:26 AM  

i'm praying for you to have exceptional races,
Glenn-arooney! :]



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