Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Purpose of Marriage

Some quotes from a book I'm reading right now. The Mystery Of Marriage - Mike Mason

Speaking about the purpose of marriage:
"to get us out beyond our depth, out of the shallows of our own secure egocentricity and into the dangerous and unpredictable depths of a real interpersonal encounter."

On Christian Faith:
"The Christian Faith, like marriage, aims at teaching us that the time when we are most ourselves is, paradoxically, when we are busy losing ourselves in another, when we are before the altar making vows of love and self-sacrifice, when we are out of our own depth and drowning in the deep waters of otherness."

These two quotes give a pretty good idea of what a marriage should look like. It was difficult to choose them without the context of the previous pages but I think it still conveys the author's skillful writing and is the crux of what he is trying to say in this chapter. I think it's really important to read books on marriage, especially when you are in one. It can never replace taking the time to study your spouse and learn as much about them and how to serve them but it sure does help. This book has been great so far and I'm not even a third of the way through. If you are looking for a good marriage book this is one you will enjoy!



kathryn 12/11/2008 4:50 PM  

sometimes i think i could write a book on marriage, after almost 30 years of it!!! i just finished reading a book on the ego. . interesting and very insightful; quite relevant to marriage.

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