Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sexual Harassment

We had an unfortunate incident while on the road last night. One of the ladies on our tour was sexually harassed by a security guard! It was so not cool. And it happened right before the show started which meant it had to be dealt with at a really awkward time. I missed the whole ordeal but heard about it afterwards so I can't really give a good account of what happened but I do think it was handled so well by the men on our tour. Jason Gray did an excellent post about the whole incident at his blog. Check it out.


Carl,  12/13/2008 4:28 PM  

Thank you for your post and the link to Jason Gray’s remarkable account of the incident. The following thoughts occurred to me as I read his words:

• The servants of Christ are subject to ugly attack at any time. The fact that this occurred at the apparently “safe” venue and occasion of a Christmas concert by Christian artists is a reminder that we should never become lax in vigilance. Prayer, discernment and spiritual watchfulness are constantly needed.

•Jason Gray’s response was marked by godly self-control. A man Jason’s size, with such provocation, could have taken vengeance with his own hands – and many people would have applauded him. Yet, he responded in a more godly way by defending his wife’s honor and confronting the guilty party without giving in to the temptation to take vengeance himself. Vengeance belongs to the Lord, and Jason’s response showed respect for that truth. My respect for Jason has therefore increased (and it was already high).

• Wisdom was shown by both Jasons going to confront the man. On the earthly level, both are tall and physically imposing – a practical consideration in case the guard had decided to respond physically. (If Jeremy had been there he would have been a good choice, too). Spiritually, it is consistent with scripture to face crises with the help of our brothers and sisters in Christ. The Lord has called us to work together and not alone.

• I was impressed by Jason going to perform immediately afterward as scheduled. Not only did the show go on, but I suspect that, more importantly, ministry went on as well. I am reminded of the account in Acts 20 where Paul was teaching when a young man fell out of the window and was killed. The meeting was interrupted long enough for the young man to be miraculously healed, then Paul went right back to teaching. The ministry of the word – both spoken and sung – is more urgent than we often realize. The tour is about more than promoting Centricity’s artists. It really is about glorifying God and bringing His word to people through the ministry of these musically gifted servants of God. Jason does a good job of that, and I’m glad that he wasn’t prevented from performing his ministry by this incident.

Again, thank you for your post. I am sure that a lot of your readers are “fans” of your band, downhere. Yet, this incident reminds us that downhere is first and foremost a ministry conducted by godly men who do what you do because you belong to Jesus Christ. As such, you are subject to spiritual attack and are in need of our prayers and encouragement even more than our applause (although you have that, too). May God bless you and keep you!

Anonymous,  12/13/2008 10:58 PM  

Thank you all for being the Christ like men that you were created to be. You have all shown Jesus through you. Letting the world know that this can not be done. This man needs the Lord desperately, but Jason was also right in getting the man dealt with. His wife should not be ashamed for any reason. I am blessed to know about men such as Jason Gray, and those of Downhere who live the words of God.

Thank You.

kathryn 12/14/2008 9:01 AM  

so disturbing. . .

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