Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Present

Here it is! Here's what I picked out for myself for my birthday. I know I know, I'm a bass player but c'mon don't restrict me to that. After all my first instrument was a cornet (trumpet like instrument). Actually I learned guitar first when I was a kid so I could play along for campfires at camp! That never ended up happening much and now I play bass guitar in a rock band. Funny!

So if you're looking for a guitar check out some of the fine instruments that the Godin company has to offer. Godin has the Seagull, Richmond, Simon & Patrick, Norman, LaPatrie and Art & Lutherie brands under their banner plus they're a Canadian company which is a good thing! My Seagull guitar was handmade in Quebec so that also makes it cool. You can check it out here!



Sarah Potts,  6/27/2008 2:09 PM  

Was Jason playing this at Atlanta Fest?

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