Monday, June 23, 2008

New Favorite Email

As most of you are aware I play in a band named "downhere". By the way, we are giving our album away for free for just a few more days this month in case you were unawares. Anyway, we work with a company called Centricity Music. They are great to work with and they really do a good job at creating a family like atmosphere within the company, between artists and employees. So we sometimes like to have a little fun with each other.

Below is the first email all of the artists received from Steve Ford our VP of sales and marketing at Centricity. Below that you will find the response of Circleslide's very own Gabe Martinez. I love it!



Greetings. I hope all of you are well as you are spread all around the

We have manufactured a sampler CD that features a song from each of
you. We are giving this away for free with every purchase on the web
store. We have produced enough for each of you to have some on your
tables to give away with each purchase.

Would you be interested in carrying this with you? If so I would love
to give each of you a box of 150 (same size as your 30 CD box). Please
let me know how I can get these to you.

Thanks all.

Steve Ford"
Thanks steve,

I guess the best way to get this to you know the barnes and noble in
cool springs? Inside in the 'sci-fi' fantasy section there is a book called
'elfsong' by elaine cunningham. If you open that book you'll find a detailed
map of the inside of the parthenon that I drew up. Go to the parthenon,
follow the map...and it will reveal a hidden passageway behind the men's
restroom. In there, you'll see a set of keys for a 1988 chrysler lebaron.
Grab those keys, and go get the car (it's parked in front of LP field)...and
at the stroke of midnight, in the back lot of 'the dog of nashville' there
will be three men of middle eastern descent. Get out of the car slowly ( I
can't stress this part enough) and walk backwards towards them speaking the
password that you found in the glove compartment underneath the tony robbins
signed 8X10's.
They will proceed to search you for any weapons...don't be alarmed...then,
after you give them the secret handshake...also in the glove can give them the CD's...and they, in turn, will give them
go me.

Or, if it's easier, I'll be at a meeting at the Centricity offices on Friday
afternoon...and I can pick them up there.

Whatever is more convenient for you.




Mark 6/23/2008 7:10 PM  

That is way too funny. Thanks for my afternoon laugh.

kathryn 6/23/2008 11:01 PM  

one of my ex boyfriends had a white Chrysler LeBaron. . *mommy's car?* he thought it was a babe magnet. . (it really wasn't. .kinda like a tricked out K car). That email is so hilarious!

Lynn,  6/24/2008 12:40 PM  

Is that the John Voight/George Costanza LeBaron?! Oh wait, that caught on fire.

Carla 6/24/2008 6:47 PM  

Well, the man asked, and he got an answer. LOL

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